Alberobello and its trulli

Alberobello, in Puglia, with its Trulli is one of the 53 Italian sites included by Unesco in the World Heritage List.The name derives from the late Greek τρούλος, meaning “dome” and indicates ancient conical dry stone constructions of prehistoric origin. The stone used for the buildings was obtained from the limestone rocks of the Murge […]

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Italy, the country of taste

Italy has always been synonymous with eating well: an unmistakable explosion of tastes, flavors and aromas. It is the most renowned cuisine in the world and offers more than any other an incredible variety of dishes and different recipes for each municipality, province, region. Do not miss the itineraries of taste, a journey into the […]

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The Italian villages

The Italian villages are the places from which our traditions are born. Precious chests that guard the Italian lifestyle made of conviviality, union and sharing. In the villages, identities, knowledge and crafts are preserved, a material and intangible heritage of history unique in the world. These small realities are able to raise the quality level […]

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