Religious Ceremonies

Italy embraces all religions and wedding ceremonies including Catholic, Protestant and Muslim. AB Limo Roma is a leader in the field of specializing in the organization of religious and civil weddings.


Elite restaurants, Romantic Castles, Villas and Palaces….the possibilities are endless so contact our wedding planners and event designers to start planning a celebration that reflects your personality.

Honeymoon Planning

We can also coordinate all technical aspects of the trip. Our travel planning services can provide you with the assurance that all details of your special vacation are handled such as: airplane tickets, hotel reservations, ground transportation, special excursions, local guides and meals.

Exclusive Limousine and Bus Coaches.

We accompany you and your guest with all means of transport and comforts required.

Wellness and Beauty

Before or after the ceremony, immerge yourself in a pleasant and relaxing “journey” of personal care. Return to your natural balance and energy state through ancient rituals that have been adapted with modern and innovative SPA treatments.

Are you interested in any of these services?